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Insect control, we understand the damage that insects do to your hotel. Only a subjective minute, small insects will quickly "invade" all corners of the hotel. Don't wait until uncontrollable problems take action. Destroy and control them today by learning about the basic habits of insects, and the measures to prevent them below.

pest control in hotel

  Some harmful insects are commonly found in hotels.

a) Mosquitoes

 Mosquitoes are harmful insects that carry a lot of dangerous viruses: malaria, dengue fever, zika ... With large spaces, many rooms, many hidden corners, crowds of people are the preferred living environment. of mosquitoes. Specifically:

  • Luxury and high-class hotels are often decorated with dense green trees on campus, especially hotels and resorts in coastal areas. This is an ideal shelter for mosquitoes. At night, mosquitoes will fly from here and go biting and sucking human blood.
  • The hotel's swimming pool with full year-round water is also an ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.
  • In the rainy season, puddles of standing water and leaking from the air conditioner cause mosquitoes to lay eggs, develop into larvae and then mature mosquitoes.
  • Guests staying, especially foreign guests, are scared when they detect the mosquito's presence in their room. This also worsens the image, discredits the business, makes no one want to vacation in a high-end place but also gets bitten by mosquitoes.

b) Flies

Called "flying killer", flies carry a lot of dangerous pathogens, directly threatening human health and life: diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid .... A favorite spot for flies to live is in the hotel's kitchens and restaurants, which are always full of food. Imagine what happens when expensive delicious dishes served up to your guests are attacked by flies. Diners are scared, they will quickly leave your hotel with terrible reviews. More seriously, they can sue the hotel for not guaranteeing hygiene and bring enormous damage.

pest control in hotel

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b) Cockroaches

We easily see the appearance of cockroaches anywhere. Cockroaches have a very fast reproductive rate, are difficult to destroy and are at risk against conventional cockroach killer products on the market. Cockroaches not only cause illness but also stink and are extremely annoying. Feces, legs and some parts fall out, causing unsanitary conditions. In addition, cockroaches prefer to live in humid, hidden corners: wardrobes, linen closets, food warehouses ... They eat and destroy fabrics, shoes, clothes and many other items.

pest control in hotel

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  The importance of insect control in the hotel.

The hotel is a place to experience holidays, long business trips, so a comfortable, safe environment without the disturbance of harmful insects is the choice of customers. . Understanding the psychology of these customers, hotels with 3-star standards or more have been aware that insecticides in the hotel are an important task. Moreover, for foreign tourists, the selection of restaurants and hotels with good service quality often promotes the name of the hotel restaurant better. Or for example, customers can now rate the hotel restaurant on smart applications or share travel experiences, famous restaurants on social networks, thus becoming a guest. Customer satisfaction with its service is one of the best things to do. Therefore, controlling insects for hotels is one of the stages to increase customers for their own hotels.

  Hanoi Pest Control is a leading insect control specialist

Hanoi Pest Control provides services to many hotels, restaurants...etc, that are the leading provider of pest control services to ensure that the trouble of insects never happens in the hotel and the solution area. mind. Even with insects entering, we were able to quickly get the situation back under control.

Hanoi Pest Control is committed to helping hotel management nationwide to handle the problem quickly and effectively. Come with us to experience the best of insect control!



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